Brenda Paulsen

Brenda Paulsen is the overseer of our ladies ministry team. She and Pastor Mark have been married since 1981. Brenda is a native of Idaho Falls, Idaho and now resides near Rigby, Idaho.
A little bit about me; I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior when I was 5 years old while attending Vacation Bible School, later at the age of 18 I committed my life to Christ. I know that without Jesus I would be a mess and it is my heart to reach the ladies of this community with the love Jesus offers each of us; knowing that none of us is worthy or righteous and only by Christ may we be saved.
My heart is to share the salvation message with the community of women in Rexburg and surrounding area, as well as build close relationships with the ladies of Calvary Chapel Rexburg.
In the winter of 2000 Mark and I were involved in an automobile crash with a semi truck which changed their lives. Suffering multiple injuries (some permanent) and enduring long recoveries, both Mark and I have learned what it is to truly rely on God for everything. Christ is strongest when we are weakest and we can attest to His sustaining love and provision even in the darkest days.

I adore my husband and cannot believe how blessed I am to be my pastor’s wife. I love my sons, their wives and our daughter by choice. And of course the little grands are so precious to me. I have one grandson a lovely granddaughter-in-law and three granddaughters and an adorable great granddaughter. They delight me in ways I am constantly amazed at.
My hobbies included; Hiking and camping, gardening (flowers only), and I absolutely love to create paper crafts, using the cards I create to bless others.
I love to drink coffee; iced or hot but never, ever lukewarm. I completely understand God when he says he will vomit the lukewarm believers out of His mouth in Revelation 3:16.

I am a real person with real problems and struggles.
I love the God’s Word but am not a Bible scholar and while I will try to answer a question if you come to me with it; I recommend you go to the pastor. 
I firmly believe the best way to grow in my relationship with Jesus is to be reading the Bible everyday.  I have spoken at several ladies retreats sharing my story of healing and love to share what Jesus has done and continues to do everyday in my life. I consider myself incredibly blessed to have many ladies who love Jesus come along side of me to serve this community. If you would like to contact me please feel free to email me at