Our Pastor

Mark Paulsen teaching in IsrealPastor Mark Paulsen is a native of Idaho Falls and was a fifth generation Mormon. Mark’s background and his love for people who are lost is the reason he believes God has called him to minister to the people of this community.

Mark became a born-again Christian in 1992 when he attended a hiking trip and camp out where, as he puts it; “God got a hold of me in an extremely radical and very personal way.”
Mark came home from that camping trip a new and changed man who believes in the Jesus of the Bible; God hasn’t shut his mouth since.  Mark was baptized a week later and read the Bible completely through in three months time. He continues to make it a habit to read through the Bible at least once every year.  

Mark married his wife Brenda in 1981. Together they are strongly devoted to living, and encouraging others to live, in the loving and respectful covenant of marriage. They both realize that marriage is not always easy and it takes an incredible amount of work, commitment and effort. It is their heart to encourage and help others strive for sacred marriages.
Mark has four adult sons (two who have gone ahead to Heaven) and is proud to be their dad. He also has two daughters-in-law and continues to have many lessons
in what girls are all about. Add to the mix one grandsons and three granddaughters and a great granddaughter. Mark is a busy and happy Papa.
It is Mark’s heart to minister to and love the people of Rexburg and the surrounding community; by sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

In the year 2000, following a devastating car crash involving a semi-truck and icy roads, leaving Mark with a traumatic brain injury, he had some life changing choices to make. After a long healing process and God’s grace being sufficient to sustain him in the places He chose not to heal, Mark began to attend Calvary Chapel of Idaho Falls, serving wherever he was able. Soon, he was part of the ministry team there.

In 2006 Mark felt the Lord calling him to lead a small home group in Rexburg and “see” what the Lord had in mind. That was the birth of Calvary Chapel Rexburg. Today, Mark is a Pastor /Teacher who loves God’s Word and God’s people. It is his heart’s desire to see the lost and hurting of the community experience the true and living God of the Bible.