Praise and Worship music at Calvary Chapel Rexburg is an essential part of our ministry.  We believe that Praise and Worship music should be meaningful, inspired, and blessed of God, and is of the utmost importance in our services.  Our Praise and Worship is centered around the heart of Jesus as we desire to touch His heart every time we gather.  We believe the purpose of music should be to lead us into the presence of God and open our hearts to His Spirit so that He can minister to us through His teachings.  We desire to join with the angles around His throne, who never cease to praise Him, in meaningful and inspired worship.  Figuratively speaking we believe that praise and worship music should open our hearts and lead us into the holy chambers of Gods temple so that we can receive what He has for us at every service.  We invite you to join us on our journey with Him. 
Song of the Week!!
The Way by Jeremy Camp