Childrens Ministries

We offer Sunday School classes for children every Sunday during the adult service.  The teachers we have are awesome! We do our best to match the children’s lessons to what Pastor Mark is teaching the adults in the sermon.  We believe this teaches the children how to read through their Bibles verse by verse and chapter by chapter and apply what they learn to everyday life. Our desire is to train our children in the ways of the Lord and raise them up to be God loving men and women who will go on to be our future pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers, worship leaders and more.

Praise the Lord! We have experienced a huge increase in the number of children now attending Sunday School. We are very excited about this and have had to change things up a bit. We recently added another class to accomidate the kids.

 We also have wonderful people who will love and take amazing care of your babies and provide Child care during services. We are always interested in helpers. I you want to help please talk to Tyra Gonzalez, our childrens ministries director.

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  1. Breezy Moreno says:

    Hi, my name is Breezy Moreno and my family and I are moving to Idaho in this next year. I was wondering do churches out there have a problem with mixed couples m? I’m white and my husband is Hispanic. I know this is an odd question but I’m very nervous about moving my children into an area that’s predominantly white. I’ve had some people tell me not to move to Idaho because my children are mixed. It makes me very nervous. I also homeschool. We live in California and the schools here are horrible. I’m hoping to find a home church soon after we move. Thank you for your time.

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